Reiki Escapes

Relaxing Reiki Escapes

We are very lucky to have Anna from The Chakra Studio using Mill House to hold Reiki and Chakra sessions until her studio is finished.  

A  Reiki session benefits you mentally, spiritually and emotionally and can help balance your well being.  

We are combining the comfort of Mill House with Anna’s wonderful therapies and can offer a healing Reiki escape.

1 night B&B in Shaggie Den or Loch More with a  

1 hour Reiki session – £120   or                                  

1.5 hour Reiki Plus Session – £130

Terms and conditions apply, direct bookings only and must quote ‘reiki escape’

Email:                        Or call +44 (0)1764 650095 (office hours) or 07815737130 if you have any questions.