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Feb 01


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Half term is fast approaching and I’m writing about fun things to do with children. I’m brought back to last October when my sister and her family visited. My nieces and nephew like nothing more to spend the day exploring the estate. We foraged for pine cones and moss for our Christmas wreaths. We baked biscuits and cakes (both cottages are equipped with everything you need for baking) and had a tour of the castle. My nephew George got to try on one of the helmets from the suits of armour and my nieces had great fun riding around the hall on their scooters (clean, mud-free trikes and scooters only).

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All three children were fascinated by the Estate’s hydro electric power station which is like something out of a 1950s James Bond movie and we had a trip up the hill to find out where the water comes from. Perfect to blow away the cobwebs, particularly with the winds we have blowing right now!

Walks included the dog and foraging for sticks for the fire, something that was a change from the large city they live in, particularly when they spotted four roe deer with their white fluffy tails, that look exactly like something out of a cartoon. The cottages are surrounded by wildlife. Go out at night and you’ll hear the owl that has a home around the corner from Gardeners, if you drive home in the dark, you might spot him and a mate or two on the telephone wires nearby. I love the hares which surround the castle grounds and the fields around Glowry, they’re so elegant and different. You’ll also spot rabbits, red squirrels, stoats and field mice if you look hard enough.

Glowry now has a pair of binoculars which is a great way to spot birds, if you look hard enough you’ll see red kites, buzzards and a heron. Take a walk around Loch More, you’ll find a pair of swans, geese and lots of wild ducks.

We think there’s more than enough to do around Monzie, but there are plenty of wonderful things to do nearby and we highly recommend that you try out our neighbouring child-friendly activities. Check our previous post on what to do around Crieff.

Come and stay at our cottages, we currently have half term availability. Email us for more information or call 01764 654877. Prices start from £200 for two nights. Stay for a week from £495 which includes complimentary tours of the castle and hydro. Home baked cake and wine included!

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